Written by Frederick on Oct. 28th 2015
"Hold The Vision And Enjoy The Journey. Knowing That All is Well"
Why I Created This Planner?
How Can It Help The world?
Watch this video, put on your woofers loud! This video will let you understand why I created this planner. I belief if we all work on increasing our vibration and experience more joy, love, peace and bliss we can create heaven on earth.

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The Science Behind The Law of Attraction Planner and How You Can Change Your Life in 30 Days
In this video I will share with you the science behind the Law of Attraction planner and how you can change your life in 30 days using the 30 day mental diet. Practice this together with the planner.
10 Min Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life
Learn a 10 min morning routine used by the most successful people around the world. Start today and feel the difference!
Tips On Setting Goals That Will Give You Results
1) Make sure your affirmations are bold, clear, and positive.

2) Practice saying your affirmations for 30 minutes a day. Say them in your head and out loud, even if it’s awkward for you.Your new vision takes courage and you can’t wait for your affirmations to feel genuine, they won’t feel genuine until you start believing them.

3) When you start doubting your affirmations, realize your non-conscious brain is sending you a signal based on your conditioning—not on what you are capable of achieving.

4) Keep recommitting to the process. Every time you set a goal higher, commit to re-articulating that goal and imprinting it onto your non-conscious brain.

5) Along with your affirmation, take action.

6) An affirmation alone will not cause results to happen in your life, unless you have the right plan to back up that affirmation and are taking daily action in accordance with the plan.

  More guides and examples coming soon...
A 12 month Law Of Attraction Planner for Him & Her

The 12 months Law Of Attraction Planner Super A5 and B5 size is now in stock!

What is different from the 30 day law of attraction planner?
  • We added a few new features to the 12 month weekly planner:
  • Out foldable vision board and goals, so you can stay focused on your year goals when you fill in your week plan (see picture below)
  • My most important life goals section - Helps you to create harmonic goals
  • Plan your journey - Helps you plan your success on all levels
  • How will I make it happen section
  • Monthly reflection page
  • Monthly overview, goals and priorities
  • 24 dot gridded pages to get creative
  • 24 blank pages to draw or write down ideas
  • Monthly 2 dot gridded Ideas and notes pages
  • Super smooth high quality 100 gsm thick paper (About 245 pages)
  • Weekly planning overview (56 weeks, 112 pages)
  • Calendar for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 (out foldable)


  • Metty

    I adore this planner. It keeps me aligned with my goals and forces accountability. I’m so much better as a person because of this planner.

  • Sandy

    Can we PLEASE get a digital planner version that can work with GoodNotes or ZoomNotes? PLEASE PLEASE

  • Olivia

    I am new to my planner, day three actually. And it is so good that I am all in. I have set long term goals. Monthly goals. Amd starting this week woth new goals I am not a “new year new me” person. I never set resolutions because I have always felt that we should have started yesterday if we wanted it. This planner has opened my eyes to me, who I am. And what I want. Highly recommend.

  • Tasha

    I just received my planner and I absolutely love it. Not only does it come with a great vision board it includes templates to easily guide any user. The positivity that is included with this planner is worth every penny!

  • Diana Whitaker

    I also got an outdated journal ordered 2023 a d it is for 2021-2022. The free gift scan was outdated and didn’t work. I was so looking forward and so I am now positively thinking and visualizing that you have already made this correct for me! Thank you! Looking forward to the free course! Excited to get started.

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