Freedom Mastery Life System (Digital Product - Online Video Course)

Freedom Mastery Life System (Digital Product - Online Video Course)

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Finally, Put Theory InTo Action With This Video Course And Create Your Ultimate Life…One That’s Filled With Love, Purpose, Health, Happiness, Balance, And Fulfillment...
If You Have A Big Enough Why, You Will Figure Out The How...

Now that you have Tool #1, the Law of Attraction Planner, and I hope also the LOA Meditations Set, I would like to show you how to take your manifestation powers to the next level, to take you by the hand AND get you the emotional abundance and financial freedom you've always been longing for...much faster and with less effort!

Let me guide you through the planner step by step and show you how to become the best possible version of yourself on a mental, physical and interpersonal level...
This course is for you if you want to manifest a higher level of living spiritually, in relationships, in your career, with how much fun you have, how much money you have, the kind of family life you enjoy, your health and fitness, and your level of personal growth.
Every area that defines a well lived, joy filled life will be impacted when you accept the challenge of this Freedom Mastery Life System. 
So many of us have signed up for an information rich seminar, bought the latest book about self-development, or began trying a new framework of living like the Law of Attraction planner. What we usually find out is that even though we may have the tools and the information to make the leap to the next level in life, it is usually not that easy. 
How many times have you successfully integrated a new behavior or that key habit or the desirable mental process that you knew could turn your life into exactly what you want? Most often – we cannot turn the potent information into potent results. The answer for most of us is that having the powerful tools and information help, but these does not complete the puzzle. We need guidance to make the transition stick.
The missing piece of the puzzle is having a guide that has successfully achieved the transition to advanced habits and an achieving mentality. A guide that has passed through the hurdles so that they can assist you through each step of the way towards completing your transformation from where you are now to where you know you can be. Star athletes, championship teams, heads of major companies, preeminent artists, famous musicians, great achievers in all areas learned – and continue to learn – from coaches, mentors, guides, and path creators throughout life.
Frederick Talloen has helped over 100,000 people 
move closer to their goal of a happy, successful, balanced life....Are you next?
Learn from Frederick, the master life coach and creator of the Law of Attraction planner being used by over 100,000 people. People who are shifting their lives into abundance in of wealth, health, happiness, energy, and relationships – just like you. By sharing with you the mental approach, energy focus, and visualization methods for each step of the LOA Process, you are guaranteed to experience results like a wild fire of success.
Frederick travels around the world every year, has visited over 63 countries, experienced many different cultures and is living with his long-loved partner in 4 different continents every year.   Recently he sailed with many friends, for months around tropical islands. His many businesses were helping people and producing income while he was completely out of contact for weeks at a time.
He has founded and developed businesses that produce millions in revenue while helping people improve their health, their finances, and their well-being.
His health is fantastic even after going through a challenging surgery that many people would not have survived. One of his dreams has been to feed children and help charities with profits from some of his businesses. 
He has been able to support feeding thousands of needy children and families for years as part of manifesting his dreams.
As part of his self-development exploration, he has trained with, learned from, and work with many of the top self-development experts including Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Eckhart Tolle and many others.
While Frederick’s life is the stuff of most people’s was definitely not always this way.
Frederick has suffered business setbacks that left him broke, faced with relationship problems, health issues that almost took his life, and mental challenges that brought him to isolation and desperation.
Through adversity, he continued learning ways to better himself, modifying the attitudes and habits that led him in the wrong direction to ones that guaranteed him success.
Eventually, after years of self-exploration, learning from spiritual and business masters, and discovering on his own what really worked, we see the birth of the LOA Planner, and now the course for APPLYING the LOA Planner to guarantee success.
Course Information
Your Manifestation Crash Course starts immediately after you sign up. You can complete the course at your own pace, while 30 to 90 days appears to be the ideal time frame to dig deep and deliver results that you have long dreamed of in all areas of your life..
The Manifestation Crash Course presents enough deeply insightful content to help you shift to a higher level in life without overwhelming you. We are focused on helping you find the areas that are holding you back, and providing the quick mental shift that leverages you over your hurdle. Here is what you are some of the subjects you will be working through, the action items, and the developmental guidance included:

 1. History of the LOA Planner, and how coaching high performance people showed me that 

everyone needs a daily framework for applying the LOA
2. The critical importance of a Strategic Daily Routine – that we guide you through. An immediate life changer.
3. The 30 Day Mental Diet. Expect a serious challenge for this step – Without doubt, when you take this detailed guidance Frederik explains to heart, your life will shift to the fast lane of success and fulfillment. You are going to feel a bit of pain while you build your new habit, and then a rush of joy, achievement, pleasure as the benefits come fast and forever.

4. Understanding your major role in improving the world. The concept is that when you reach your potential, you are automatically benefitting the world and helping create peace, abundance, and love. Realizing this sets your motivation to level 10!
5. You will receive a scratch LOA planner to record your thoughts and drafts of answers before writing them in the main LOA Planner. For anyone who does not have the LOA Planner, you can use this version as your main one.
6. A great set of examples of how to fill in the planner in fantastic detail. Going through these examples will inspire you and make it easy to get started all the way through to having your life laid out to reach your goals.

7. Mental recharging tools that eliminate down days, where you may not feel like getting out of bed. Getting over the sticking points of depression, lethargy, hopeless, loneliness, lack of motivation, indecisiveness, fear, doubt, and other maladies that can impact all of us is key to making positive changes. 
8. Powerful affirmations proven to bounce you out of a funk and into your highest energy states
9. Professional produced, meditations that will relax you instantly, landing you gently into an Alpha brainwave state where your genius creativity, insight, decisiveness and joy lives. These meditations alone are worth more than the investment in the course. Once you experience the joyful relaxation, heightened focus, and clarity from these 20-30 minute audio guided meditations, you will FEEL permanent, success making changes burning into your brain.

10. A method of goal setting different and more fun than any you have heard of. Frederik shifted his approach to goal setting when he had a shocking experience that you will learn about in this dynamically powerful section.
11. The visualization system you will learn, guides you from: I do not know how to visualize and feel the joy, energy, and positivity of my new house, new car, new wealth, new love life, new spiritual fulfillment, new adventures to “Wow! Now I get the power of visualization and why all superstar athletes, performers, and billionaires make visualizing the main tool of success!”
12. How to harness your subconscious mind to effortless guide you to the right path for fulfillment. You will learn about the concept of “roots” that cements how the subconscious impacts you. Once you know this concept, making lasting change comes naturally.

13. Gaining the skill of Awareness and Self-Discovery. The happiest person in life knows what makes them happy, while the saddest people never learn to achieve internal awareness and self-discovery. Once you understand how to engage with your heart, your spirit, and your mind then your happiness is guaranteed.
14. Claiming your space, your power, and your individuality. Unfortunately, while you are on a self-development path, many of those around you may not be. Learning how to claim you space, your power, and your time while maintaining healthy relationships is a challenge. Once you experience the techniques from this section you will become a leader in your sphere and always feel your personal power.
15. Learn to rise above frustrations and live on a higher plain. Ever notice how successful, happy people seem to be calm and centered no matter what is going on? They have internalized the method of mentally minimizing frustrations while maximizing joy. You will get this same skill after this impactful section.

16. Become a master planner so your weeks are gold medal winning ones all the way to the finish line of your goal. These tips make planning quick, fun, energizing, and effective.
17. Finally create a life statement that “rings” for you and gets you excited to jump into the waters of life. Having a life statement that keeps your life simple, happy, prosperous and on track makes every decision a no-brainer. Once Frederik shares with you his method of creating a life statement learned from teach hundreds of students, your life will take on the glow of achievement like never before.
18. Best of all, you will create your winning life’s framework with the LOA Planner and use it, as well as your time and abilities, to your fullest potential. Yes, we mean that you are going to discover all the amazing, world-rocking capabilities you have and turn them ON with the daily help of the LOA Planner. This is what the Manifestation Crash Course delivers – YOU at a 10X level with the LOA planner as your daily reminder.
This course is your chance to find out about your magical abilities, your most intense desires for contributing and joyfully living. You may not be ready for this level of self-development, but if you are not 100% satisfied in all areas of your life, you deserve to finally feel the abundance the universe has for you. Now is your chance…The Manifestation Crash Course guarantees you will see changes in your life that will shock you in their significance, and how quickly you make progress towards your goals.
The price for one hour of private coaching with Frederik is a minimum of $500, and his calendar is full. This course gives you Frederik’s time for over 8-10 hours – at a tiny fraction it would cost you in person (A $5000 value!)
For the amount of high-value content, the proven success of the LOA Planner, and the massive, life rocking benefits you will achieve, the course will be the pivot point in your life.
Normal price for The Freedom Mastery Life System & Manifestation Crash Course is $995, and it is worth 20x that in the results from clients. For the next 7 days we are offering a FREE 14 DAY TRIAL, and you can even pay in low monthly amounts of $37. You have the opportunity to launch into a new level of income, of joy, of relationships, contribution, and passion by signing up today.
You are guaranteed to be 100% satisfied and start seeing immediate results, or you get your money back with a “Thank you.” You have every chance to make your life a series of joy filled memories, more abundance in all areas than you dream of, and complete satisfaction with how far you made it – by signing up today for The Manifestation Crash Course.
Close The Gap Between Where You Are Today - And Where You Want To Be
How The Freedom Mastery Life System Works With The LOA Planner?

STEP 1. In-depth Preparation for Turbo Charging Your Manifestation Results with the LOA Planner 

What gets in almost everyone’s way when aiming at success? What do champions know how to avoid? You may have heard the term before: DISTRACTIONS. You will learn to avoid distractions that are keeping you stuck. Once Frederick fills you in on how he achieved success through focus and avoiding distractions, you will be in a completely different frame of mind to begin your LOA journey – towards guaranteed success. 
Pro tip: Frederick’s ideas on identifying what is a distraction vs what you might currently consider a necessary part of your life delivers massive results so quickly, this section alone is often enough to get people unstuck.

Step 2. Step-by-Step Advice and Counseling on the Toughest Questions of Life: Why Am I Here and What Should I Be Doing With My Time?

Asking the questions is the easy part. Getting in touch with our feelings about what really jazzes us is the tough part because society has crushed most of our independent spirit. Prepare to have your inner tigress or tigerreawakened! You will get back to your essential joy and make that your life purpose with Frederick coaching it out of you. It will be painless and extraordinary. 
As soon as the Manifestation Crash Course walks you to your life purpose, your journey goes from a struggle to smooth. Your days fill naturally with joy because you know how to direct your mind towards your long term goals and feel high energy each step along the way.

Step 3. This is Major – Learn the Art and Science of Always Feeling Motivated and in High Energy for Gliding Over Obstacles, Including Feeling Lazy

Of all Frederick’s advanced ideas, his methods for raising a person’s energy level, positivity, and sense of flow is second to none. Taking clients from low energy and hopeless, to high energy and abundantly empowered is one of the critical areas many self-development courses/gurus often pass over. Telling someone to feel great and “go get it” does not quite work. 
There are steps to feeling great. It is easy for self-development experts to tell you to write out great plans for your life. We can explain how you can achieve your dreams, recommend you get up at 4:00 a.m., meditate for an hour, exercise, then work 8 hours straight on your carefully planned tasks towards your life purpose. 
These great ideas, plans, and frameworks will be tossed aside like an old cheese sandwich if your FEELINGS are not MATCHED to your desired, high energy, and high achieving state. 
The course is going to lock you on to your highest energy state. You will learn the easy-to-use, research-proven tools that turn your low energy, disempowered states instantly into “I am ready for anything!” high energy states.   
You and a low energy state mean you hit the snooze button, which means you might toss your LOA Planner on that big pile of books you might look at one day, and go on living a life you are dissatisfied with.  
Imagine you and a high energy state delivered to you directly from the jam-packed section of the Manifestation Crash Course. You jump out of bed, feeling refreshed even when on less sleep than usual, tackle your morning “Feel Good Routine” from the course and absolutely sail through your tasks. Checking each item off your list, you leap towards your long term goals, and feel even higher than ever. That is how Frederick lives and what he shares in this critical section.

Step 4. Create Your Plans and Bucket List Around Your Vision – With Help At Each Challenging Question

Confronting the fact that we can have ANYTHING means we have a big decision. Out of the mother earth’s abundance, what do we want to experience? Deciding means we are choosing one path and steering away from other paths for a certain period. This is where a lot of people struggle.
Frederick goes through each of the many sections in the LOA Planner with you in bite sized pieces. Each video discusses how he intended you to fill in the answer, how to get past your own filters and express your gut, not what society tells you is right. Quite a tricky area for many people, but one that you will enjoy after you understand how to get into the “natural essence” state. In this state, answers will flow through you almost without conscious thought.
Several professionally recorded and scripted meditations will assist you in awakening your guiding spirit. After you are in touch with your spiritual center, answers about where you fit in life, flow like a well-known song through your mind.
What Makes This Program Unique?

Part I –  Getting You Centered And Elevating Your Thinking... 

Many courses assume you are centered and have control of your state. We know from experience that this single step is the key to all the others. That is why Frederick focuses on priming you to let achievement flow from you naturally with your increased energy. Once you experience these techniques, you will always place a priority on getting back to the high energy state we show you, where you can power through your toughest challenges with a smile and without a sweat.

Part II – Getting You Through The Big Picture Challenges of Deciding and Writing Down Your Life Purpose...

This may be the toughest question any of us ever face. What are we here for? Thankfully, this course takes you through a guided meditation to allow you to bypass all of society’s restrictions and get to your core essence. Once you arrive at your natural essence, deciding what fulfills you in life and brings you joy, flows smoothly from this state. If you got nothing else but a clear vision for what your life is supposed to represent as a contribution to society and is what will fulfill you, then you have gained the world. The great news is, this is just the first step in a beautiful journey that lands you at the end of the rainbow for your personal treasure, whatever that may be.

Part III – Dealing With Obstacles to You Taking Confident, Joyful Action

Obstacles are there to bring out the best in you. Obstacles, sometimes in the form of distractions, physical limitations, more often mental limitations, or social challenges represent the universe asking you a question. Can you adapt to the challenges and overcome them to fulfill your mission or will you succumb, to these obstacles? Once you are exposed to the ideas in this course about dealing with the many obstacles and distractions that can get in your way and sidetrack you from achieving your goals, you will have the tools forever to overcome any obstacles in your path.
When you become the type of person that obstacles cannot block from your life vision, you become unstoppable and limitless.

Part IV – Scientifically Maintaining Your Highest Energy State No Matter What Your External World Looks Like...

How often have we heard a well-intentioned speaker, author, or coach recommend that we institute this behavior or tackle problems this way or toughen up our resolve and make it work? Quite often, and yet when we are feeling down or not confident or at a low energy level, following through on this advice seems to be almost impossible. 
 Instead of pushing you with lists of “go get it now” tips that ignore your mental state necessary to execute well, this course focuses on improving your state so that the execution becomes easy. Instead of feeling like you are pushing yourself to take action, your mental state will be so high that you cannot wait to take action. The dramatic difference in energy that you will feel and joy as you rush towards your dream life will add an angelic glow to your every moment.

Part V – Creating Flow for Turning Your Major Purpose into Micro Tasks that Empower You Instead of Intimidate You...

One of the most popular aspects of the law of attraction planner is the thorough step-by-step framework it introduced to hundreds of thousands of happy clients. Customers often comment on how effortless the steps seem to be once they get through the challenge of laying out the plan. Making the LOA work by describing how you will manifest your vision with action and belief brings the magic powerfully to a focused point. 
Before you can enjoy the process of successfully completing each step, you have to have the steps in place. That is where the Manifestation Crash Course shines in helping you break down your big picture into manageable micro movements for everyday action. Once you have your major goals clearly expressed as manageable steps for each month each week and each day, achieving your goals becomes a step-by-step process.

Part IV – Experiencing Gratitude and Happiness Across All Eight Areas of Your Life as Your Manifestation Miracles Unfold...

Too often pursuing our goals feels like going to an overly aggressive aerobics class. We feel forced to move faster than we want to, sweat harder, and eventually, wind up out of breath and disenchanted. Instead, your best path towards maximum life enrichment will be with joy and gratitude for every day. Joy and gratitude are not optional for you to place yourself in the achieving contributing energy flow. You will have joy and gratitude for your life, your gifts, and the experience of being in flow. 
This is a crucial section of the course because maintaining joy and gratitude each day as you progress towards your personal mountain top, you will use the tools from the course for keeping joy and gratitude at the front of your mind. With this precise method deeply embedded into your mental habits, maintaining, positivity, and high-energy will be as easy as breathing for you.
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